Important Notice:

Below you will find "Optional Forms" available to complete for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years. If you do not find the form you need below, most likely the form can be found by going to and signing in with your WSU student ID and password.  Please contact our office if you need further assistance in locating a form, filling out a form, and/or submitting a form to our office. Thank you.  

  • Census Petition Form  (This form is no longer available. The deadline for submitting this form was Friday, February 20, 2015.)
  • Parent PLUS Loan Decline - For Parent PLUS Loans that have already been accepted. If you have NOT accepted the Parent PLUS Loan by completing the Parent PLUS Loan Acceptance Application, your student can decline the Parent PLUS Loan on their zzusis account by following these instructions.
  • Scholarship Designation Form- This from is designed for submission of a scholarship for a specific student. If you are aware you will be receiving a scholarship from a non-WSU or non-State of Washington donor, please download this form and supply it to the donor as soon as you are aware of the award. The form will help University Receivables designate how the scholarship is to be applied to your student account.