Washington State University

Student Financial Services

Important Notice:

May 15 is the Student Financial Services document submission deadline. Please visit SubmitSFSDocs.wsu.edu to access the 2014-2015 forms and to submit your documents. 

Optional Forms

Census Petition Form - AVAILABLE IN THE FALL

Dependency Status Appeal

Financial Aid Cancellation/Reinstatement Form - COMING SOON

Loan Action Request

On Time Deadline Appeal 

Parent PLUS Loan Acceptance Application Process - COMING SOON


Academic Year Revisions Request - COMING SOON


Special Circumstances Form - COMING SOON


Academic Year Revision Request (online) - FE

Census Petition Form

Change in Income (Independent Student) - 88

Change in Income (Parent) - AT

Change in Income for Dependent Student - ET

Change in Marital Status - 89

Child Care Cost Verification Needed for Academic Year - 36

Citizenship/Date of Birth Verification - NZ

Educational Background Verification - BN

Financial Aid Checklist for Global Learning (online) - NS

Graduate/Professional Status Verification - IL

Homelessness Verification - IM

Independence Verification - IN

Legal Dependent Verification - LD

Loan Action Request

On Time Deadline Appeal

Parent FAFSA Additional Information Required - EP

Parent FAFSA Untaxed Income - UP

Parent Family Size/Number in College - 28

Parent Income Clarification - CZ

Parent Information Need to Process HPL - VE

Parent Medical/Dental Expenses - AY

Parent Net Worth/Asset Information Required - AW

Parent Number in College - MY

Parent PLUS Loan Acceptance Application Process- G8

Parent PLUS Supplemental Loan Acceptance Application-1G


Parent Tax Return Transcript Required - 25

Paying on College Loan - EF

Previous Degree Verification - 43

Prior Loan Discharged - D4

Private School Tuition Expenses - MZ

Questionable Enrollment History - QE

Revised Fall Graduation - FG

Same Income Value Reported - VS

Second Bachelor Degree Verification - 5B

Selective Service Verification - UA

Social Security Card Required - LS

Spring Enrollment Verification (online) (Not Available) - BS

Spring Enrollment Verification (PDF) (Not Available) - BS

Student Family Size/Number in College (Independent Student) - 29

Student DD214 Required - 68

Student FAFSA Additional Information Required - ES

Student FAFSA Untaxed Income - UN

Student Identity and SEP - SI

Student Income Clarification - CW

Student Medical/Dental Expenses - MX

Student Net Worth/Asset Information Required - AX

Student Tax Return Transcript Required - 24

Student Unusually High AGI Reported - UE

Unusually High Dependent Care Costs - AB

Unsubsidized Stafford Eligibility Not Used - AC

Information Letters

Default/Overpayment of Federal Funds - DM

Department of Justice Hold-Release - DX

Dependency Status Appeal - BG

Exit Counseling - GX (Coming Soon) 

Failed SAP Academic Plan - TH

Failed 2 SAP Academic Plans - NA

Form Not Signed (Cover Letter Only) - 63

Graduate PLUS Loan Counseling - GP

Incomplete Form Submitted (additional information enclosed) - IF

Independent to Dependent Change Required - EE

Ineligible Non-Citizen - 20

Marriage Certificate Required - 69

No Longer Eligible for Financial Aid - NB

Parent 1040 Not Submitted - IH

Parent Amended Return Received-Need Original 1040 - EG

Parent IRS Form 1722 Requested - EA

Parent Official 1040 Required - BH

Parent Tax Extension Form 4868 Needed - AO

Parent Tax Extension Form 4868 Received, Need 1040 - AQ

Parent W2 Received, Need Form 1040 - EC

SAP Appeal Denied - SB

SAP Appeal Approved - SA

Spouse Tax Documents Needed - EQ

Stepparent Data Required - FM

Student 1040 Not Submitted - IJ

Student Amended Return Received-Need Original 1040 - EH

Student IRS Form 1722 Requested - EB

Student Official 1040 Required - BI

Student or Parent 1040 Needed - IR

Student Tax Extension Form 4868 Needed - AP

Student Tax Extension Form 4868 Received, Need 1040 - AR

Student W2 Received, Need Form 1040 - ED

Visa Status Verification - 05

Satisfactory Academic Progress




Office Hours:
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Student Financial Services, Lighty Building Room 380, Washington State University, PO Box 641068, Pullman WA 99164-1068, 509-335-9711.