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Student Financial Services

Important Notice:

2014-2015 "Optional Forms" are listed below. If you do not find the form you need to complete below, most likely it can be found at SubmitSFSDocs.wsu.edu.  Please contact our office if you need any assistance in locating a form, filling out a form, and/or submitting a form to our office.   


Academic Year Revision Request (online) - FE

Census Petition Form

Change in Income (Independent Student) - 88

Change in Income (Parent) - AT

Change in Income for Dependent Student - ET

Change in Marital Status - 89

Child Care Cost Verification Needed for Academic Year - 36

Citizenship/Date of Birth Verification - NZ

Educational Background Verification - BN

Financial Aid Checklist for Global Learning (online) - NS

Graduate/Professional Status Verification - IL

Homelessness Verification - IM

Independence Verification - IN

Legal Dependent Verification - LD

Loan Action Request

On Time Deadline Appeal

Parent FAFSA Additional Information Required - EP

Parent FAFSA Untaxed Income - UP

Parent Family Size/Number in College - 28

Parent Income Clarification - CZ

Parent Information Need to Process HPL - VE

Parent Medical/Dental Expenses - AY

Parent Net Worth/Asset Information Required - AW

Parent Number in College - MY

Parent PLUS Loan Acceptance Application Process- G8

Parent PLUS Supplemental Loan Acceptance Application-1G


Parent Tax Return Transcript Required - 25

Paying on College Loan - EF

Previous Degree Verification - 43

Prior Loan Discharged - D4

Private School Tuition Expenses - MZ

Questionable Enrollment History - QE

Revised Fall Graduation - FG

Same Income Value Reported - VS

Second Bachelor Degree Verification - 5B

Selective Service Verification - UA

Social Security Card Required - LS

Spring Enrollment Verification (online) (Not Available) - BS

Spring Enrollment Verification (PDF) (Not Available) - BS

Student Family Size/Number in College (Independent Student) - 29

Student DD214 Required - 68

Student FAFSA Additional Information Required - ES

Student FAFSA Untaxed Income - UN

Student Identity and SEP - SI

Student Income Clarification - CW

Student Medical/Dental Expenses - MX

Student Net Worth/Asset Information Required - AX

Student Tax Return Transcript Required - 24

Student Unusually High AGI Reported - UE

Unusually High Dependent Care Costs - AB

Unsubsidized Stafford Eligibility Not Used - AC

Information Letters

Default/Overpayment of Federal Funds - DM

Department of Justice Hold-Release - DX

Dependency Status Appeal - BG

Exit Counseling - GX (Coming Soon) 

Failed SAP Academic Plan - TH

Failed 2 SAP Academic Plans - NA

Form Not Signed (Cover Letter Only) - 63

Graduate PLUS Loan Counseling - GP

Incomplete Form Submitted (additional information enclosed) - IF

Independent to Dependent Change Required - EE

Ineligible Non-Citizen - 20

Marriage Certificate Required - 69

No Longer Eligible for Financial Aid - NB

Parent 1040 Not Submitted - IH

Parent Amended Return Received-Need Original 1040 - EG

Parent IRS Form 1722 Requested - EA

Parent Official 1040 Required - BH

Parent Tax Extension Form 4868 Needed - AO

Parent Tax Extension Form 4868 Received, Need 1040 - AQ

Parent W2 Received, Need Form 1040 - EC

SAP Appeal Denied - SB

SAP Appeal Approved - SA

Spouse Tax Documents Needed - EQ

Stepparent Data Required - FM

Student 1040 Not Submitted - IJ

Student Amended Return Received-Need Original 1040 - EH

Student IRS Form 1722 Requested - EB

Student Official 1040 Required - BI

Student or Parent 1040 Needed - IR

Student Tax Extension Form 4868 Needed - AP

Student Tax Extension Form 4868 Received, Need 1040 - AR

Student W2 Received, Need Form 1040 - ED

Visa Status Verification - 05

Satisfactory Academic Progress




Office Hours:
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Summer Counselor Hours: 
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m

Student Financial Services, Lighty Building Room 380, Washington State University, PO Box 641068, Pullman WA 99164-1068, 509-335-9711.