Financial Aid for Part-time Students

Financial aid is available for part-time students, including loans and grants; however some grants are prorated. Grants that would be prorated are Washington State Need Grant, Pell Grant, and the College Bound Scholarship. Some scholarships require full-time enrollment, and students should research the requirements of any scholarships they are receiving prior to enrolling part-time.

Half-time and 3-Quarter time Enrollment (Undergraduates)

For Fall and Spring semesters, students enrolled in 6-8 credits will be considered half-time and 9-11 credits will be considered three-quarter time. Students are eligible for federal loans being enrolled in school half-time or above. Pell and State Need Grants are also available but will be prorated down to 75% for three-quarter time and 50% for half-time enrollment.

Students enrolled in less than six credits are ineligible for financial aid, with the possible exception of the Federal Pell Grant.

Half-time Enrollment (Graduates)

Graduate students are not eligible for State and Federal aid grant funding but may receive Federal loan funding. For Fall and Spring semesters, students enrolled in 5-9 credits will be considered half-time.

Because these grants must be prorated, students who are enrolled less than full-time three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester will find a new posting in their myWSU To-Do Lists called a Fall (or Spring) Enrollment Verification Form. This form must be completed once the student has finalized registration; it may be submitted online or downloaded and completed. Aid will not release until the form has been processed.

For further clarifications about grant awarding while enrolled as a part-time student, visit our Financial Aid Census Policy