Financial Aid for Part-time Students

Financial aid is available for part-time students, including loans and grants, however grants are prorated. Some scholarships require full-time enrollment, and students should research the requirements of any scholarships they are receiving prior to enrolling part-time.

Half-time and three-quarter time enrollment

6-8 credits is considered half-time for undergraduates, and 9-11 credits is considered three-quarter time. Students may borrow loans at half-time and above. Pell and State Need Grants are also available but will be prorated down to 75% for three-quarter time and 50% for half-time enrollment.

Because these grants must be prorated, students who are enrolled less than full-time three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester will find a new posting in their zzusis To-Do Lists called a Fall (or Spring) Enrollment Verification Form. This form must be completed once the student has finalized registration; it may be submitted online or downloaded and completed. Aid will not release until the form has been processed.

Less than six credits

Students enrolled in less than six credits are ineligible for financial aid, with the possible exception of the federal Pell Grant.