Work-study is a need-based financial aid award. It is neither a grant, as you must work to earn it, nor a loan, as you do not have to pay it back. However, funds are limited and you must qualify for need-based financial aid in order to receive work-study. Work-study never reduces grants or scholarships, only loans! Work-study funds are awarded to qualifying students to assist them in obtaining employment.

The work-study program subsidizes the students' wages. Work-study funds are used to reimburse a percentage of students’ gross pay, but do not cover 100% of the wages. The gross pay comes from two sources: work-study funds, plus employer funds. While the program serves as an incentive for employers to hire students, it also creates jobs that would not otherwise exist. When the accumulated gross pay earned during the term reaches the work-study award limit, the work-study funding stops and the employer will then have to pay 100% of any wages earned that exceed the work-study award limit for the term.

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