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Revision Requests

A revision request is usually submitted because you have certain unanticipated expenses. An approved revision request increases your cost of attendance which in turn may then be funded by additional loan funding (if eligible). Listed below are the various types of requests that may be made. Each title, when clicked, will expand to show the description of the topic that may be reviewed.

Requested revisions can be submitted online using the "Academic Year Revision Request " Form which is available online here. The submission of a Revision Request does not guarantee an adjustment will be made either to your cost of attendance or to your financial aid package.

  • Before completing the Revision Request form, please be sure to know your annual Stafford loan eligibility and current awards. For more information on Stafford loan limits, click here.
  • Please do not submit your Revision Request form until after you have received a final award notification.

Books and Supplies
  • If you have costs for books and supplies that are over the amount budgeted for your specific financial aid award, you may request a revision to your financial aid award.
  • Documentation: You must provide documentation in the form of receipts to our office. You may include costs associated with your thesis or dissertation. (Your costs must be more than $468 per semester if you're an undergraduate to qualify). You'll need to submit the paper form linked above with your documentation.
Child Care Cost

Students who have indicated that they have dependents (under the age of 12) on the FAFSA may be eligible for a budget increase.

Computer Costs
  • You may claim a one-time cost for a computer purchased (hardware and/or software) for educational purposes.
  • Attach your receipt for the recently purchased computer or a printout of an on-line or in-store estimate. Computer costs may only be met with loan funds (Stafford, Grad PLUS, Parent PLUS, or a private/alternative loan) depending upon your eligibility.
  • The maximum allowable increase to your budget to cover this expense is $1,750 (unless extenuating circumstances can be documented by your department).
  • This is a one-time only WSU adjustment. You can only complete this form using the pdf form listed above.
Grade Level Change

If your class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate) has recently changed, your award package may be eligible for an adjustment. 

Graduate Non-Resident

If you're a non-resident graduate student without an assistantship or tuition waiver, you may request to have your budget adjusted to reflect this and to be considered for additional loan funding. 

  • To request a revision due to your unusually higher rent/mortgage, your cost must be more than $736 per month but not to exceed $916. Utilities, phone bills, and cable costs will NOT be considered.
  • The rent/mortgage expense will be divided equally between all those listed on the lease/mortgage.
  • The maximum allowable amount for rent expenses is $916 per month. Higher expenses will not be funded.
    • Documentation: You must provide documentation of the actual costs being incurred. Please provide a copy of your lease or mortgage along with the paper form linked above.

Special Fee(s)

If you have special fees charged to your student account, you may request a budget adjustment to increase your total cost of attendance to account for these extra charges. Eligible charges are items such as the WSU medical insurance, Winter Session, and fees related to specific courses/sessions. 

Transportation Costs
  • If you commute to class, you may request a revision to your financial aid award to account for these expenses. Please provide the number of miles that you drive each day to make one round trip to and from school and the number of days per week that you make this commute. Car payments will not be considered.
  • We will consider increases to a student's transportation budget for automobile repairs, etc. provided the automobile is the primary vehicle for attending classes during periods of enrollment. The maximum amount the budget can be increased to is $3,500 for the year or $1,750 for the semester. (Your costs must be more than $717 per semester to qualify).
    • Documentation: a receipt or an estimate for the automobile repair. You will need to provide your documentation along with the paper form linked above.

Travel Costs
  • Increases to a student's budget for travel may be considered if the trave is mandatory for all students in the class or the travel (reseach or professional conference) is required by the department in order for the student to receive their degree.
    • Documentation: You must provide a letter from your department head confirming that the travel is required. You must document the dates of travel and the costs involved such as registration fees, transportation, and lodging. You will need to provide your documentation along with the paper form linked above.
  • We will consider only 1 request annually for travel to a professional conference, to complete research, or to participate in a field trip.

Work Study to Loan Conversion

You can request your work-study award be converted to a loan if you have eligibility. If you are currently using work-study funds, please attach or submit a letter from your employer stating the last date you will be earning said funds. 




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