A revision request is usually submitted because you have certain unanticipated expenses. An approved revision request increases your cost of attendance which in turn may then be awarded with additional loan funding (if eligible). Listed below are the various types of requests that may be made.

Requested revisions can be submitted online using the Academic Year Revision Request Form. The submission of a Revision Request does not guarantee an adjustment will be made either to your cost of attendance or to your financial aid package.

  • Before completing the Revision Request form, please be sure to know your annual Direct loan eligibility and current awards. For more information on federal Direct Loan limits, Click Here.
  • Please do not submit your Revision Request form until after you have received a final award notification.

Books and Supplies
Child Care Cost
Computer Costs
Grade Level Change
Graduate Non-Resident
Special Fee(s) - i.e. Winter Session, EMBA/Online MBA, DDP Seminar, etc.
Transportation Costs
Travel Costs
Work Study to Loan Conversion